The Hometown Foundation

The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals and their families in hometowns and surrounding communities where we operate. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is an organization that proudly represents acceptance and inclusion, while valuing the importance of community. The priority of The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is to support local businesses and bring our community together, so that we can continue to grow together. Through our fundraising events and support from incredible sponsors, The Hometown Foundation, Inc. honors and assists five distinct areas of interest including Animal Welfare, Emergency Response Personnel, Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or in Need, Major Illness and Military.

Since inception The Hometown Foundation, Inc. has donated over ten million dollars to community-based charities, millions to Special Olympics, and has continued its commitment to first responders and the military. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is passionate about its commitment to making positive change and impacting the lives of others, while continuing to grow with its neighboring partners. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is ecstatic to be a part of the 25th Annual Greenwich Concours d’Elegance!

If you would like to join our local initiative and be a part of The Hometown Foundation, Inc., host an event, sponsor or volunteer, please visit:

To make a donation, please visit: The Hometown Foundation, Inc. Anyone making a donation before April 10th will be listed in the concours program